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About SAT Marketplace

We Are Admissions Experts

The SAT Marketplace admissions consulting professionals possess a collective 75 years of experience in higher education, college admissions consulting, and school counseling.

Our admission advisors will help with the following:

  • Planning high school academics and international transcript evaluations.
  • Evaluating and strategizing extracurricular activities, leadership involvement & summer internships & academic programs.
  • Selecting and finalizing a list of potential colleges, including planning site visits and meetings with applicable college staff.
  • Completing college applications, including personal statements, essays & letters of recommendation.
  • Applying for financial aid, including identifying and applying for applicable scholarships and grant opportunities

SAT Marketplace curriculum is designed for students who desire to succeed academically. Regardless of where they are in their educational journey, we seek to work alongside our students by evaluating where they are in their academic journeys. Our counselors review incoming student report cards for Grades 3-8 and transcripts for Grades 9-12, along with evaluating the Enlightium placement (entrance) test scores, to help develop an academic plan specific to each student. 


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